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Get Covered: Why You Need a Prayer Team

(This post originated with my Facebook group: Julie Arduini: The Surrendered Scribe)

Whether you were the kid or now are the parent, you can relate to the admonishment, "get covered". I say it all the time with the kids, especially the youngest. Her breathing transitions with weather changes and she's always the last one to put a coat on, let alone zip it up. This leaves her vulnerable to things she could avoid.

I'm blessed to know you in some way or another, most through cyberspace. One common theme I'm seeing is change in your lives. Unemployment, new jobs, career changes, family issues, name it, you understand transition.

The cry on my heart for those in leadership and/or transition is you guessed it...get covered! Before I hit "create blog" December 31, 2006 and promised God I'd write for Him, I prayed about forming a prayer team. They are my covering not because I'm expecting to be this best selling novelist or anything fancy---I'm out there in the world being a vessel to affect positive change. Well doing anything without covering leaves one vulnerable, so when I hear about a new job or a leadership position, you've heard my drill...Get covered!

For me, I prayerfully ask God to give me names of people who might be willing to pray for me throughout the year. I send an invitation and give them about 6 weeks to pray on it. If they agree they know what I share is confidential and that I'll communicate once a month with a list of praises and prayers. I'm CONVINCED this covering is why writing has gone the way it has. My work was published in a book ten months after I made that promise to God. Writers know this is nuts, I know it's nuts. I know I'm not the best writer out there. I really believe it's because I was obedient enough to get covered.

I ask the prayer team for the year to pray as they feel led, I'm not expecting hours on end by any means. I think the most moving prayers are the ones the Holy Spirit gives as we might be in the shower, driving or doing what we consider to be mundane. Prayer friends have had my name pop into mind at times I was facing a family frustration or choice. It's a total God thing. I don't think it's just for writers. I think it's for anyone. I think being a parent is a ministry. I think being in the workplace requires a prayer covering no matter what your job title is. So that's the message on my heart to share with you. If you have questions, please ask. I'm by no means an expert but I praise God I'm covered.

In other news, I learned today that my Christmas entry, Made With Love, placed seventh. Placing gave me the ability to choose a ministry within Heart of God International to bless because of someone's generosity to match winner prizes with donations. I chose Bibles for Soliders. The theme was light of the world and I think many entries will be in the December issure of I wrote a story that God dropped in my head the second I read the theme. My hope is you'll never look at Christmas lights the same again.

As promised, here is my chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe. This one is so easy and such a hit that I realized it's the only Christmas goodie I need to make. Enjoy. We'll talk about surrendering the pounds another time.

1 12 oz bag peanut butter chips

1 12 oz bag milk chocolate chips

1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk, divided in half

1/4 cup butter, divided.

Take the peanut butter chips, half the milk and butter and place in microwave safe bowl. Put on for two minutes, check after one minute, stirring. Sometimes it's done before two minutes. Pour into 13x9 dish.

Take the milk chocolate chips, the other half of milk and butter and place in separate microwave safe bowl. Repeat microwave directions from above. When everything is melted and stirred, pour on top of peanut butter mixture. Let set in fridge, cut into squares and enjoy!

I sound like a total NASCAR driver naming off their sponsors but you know, this fudge would go great with the latest edition of Discovering Nancy Struthers. I'm hearing great feedback from subscribers who are waiting for the next edition. How do you receive this story? Become an active newsletter subscriber through The form should pop up for you to fill out your e mail and whether you want html, mobile or text. Once you submit, check your in and spam boxes for a confirmation e mail. Your subscription is not active until you confirm the subscription. When you do, an e mail is sent to me triggering your free short story, Discovering Nancy Struthers. Future installments will be in the monthly newsletter. Again, check your in and spam boxes for the Discovering Nancy Struthers story. I found it took about 30 minutes to send after I received the confirmation.

So get covered, get some fudge, and have an amazing week before Christmas!

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Comment by Noelle Mena on January 5, 2010 at 1:51pm
Thank you Julie for posting this. I am praying about this right now and want to have in place by the end of this month.
Comment by Melissa Mashburn on March 1, 2010 at 5:08pm
What great words of wisdom for us all...thanks Julie!


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