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Here are the answers to my Christmas Test!

How'd ya do?

1. “Jesus” is my Hebrew name in the Greek language. But in Hebrew it’s … JOSHUA

2. I am one of the twelve sons of Jacob the great patriarch who later became known as Israel. It was through me and my descendants that the promised Savior was to be born. King David, Mary and Joseph are all my descendants. Luke 3:34 JUDAH

3. Bethlehem is called my city because I was anointed king there. Luke 2:4, I Samuel 17:12 DAVID

4. Both of us, although not Israelite but pagan Canaanites are proudto be part of the ancestry of Christ. Matthew 5:5 Write second name below in number five. RAHAB OR RUTH

5. Second person for above question. RAHAB OR RUTH

6. I was the Roman Emperor who called for the census to be taken throughout the Roman Empire. Luke 2:1 AUGUSTUS

7. I am one of God’s messengers. I was the one who told Elizabeth and Mary that they would both have a baby. I told them both, “For nothing is impossible with God.” In Biblical history, I also spoke with Daniel. Luke 1:19, Luke 1:26 GABRIEL

8. Oh, how I praise the Lord! Even though I am not the smartest or the prettiest or the best young woman, I have been chosen to be the mother of the Lord Jesus. I was the very first person to know that Jesus was coming. Luke 1:30-32 MARY

9. An angel visited me in my dreams three times over the course of my life. Each time I listened and obeyed, even though it was often difficult and frightening. I played a very important role in the Christmas story but there is not one recorded conversation from me in the entire Bible. I was a man of action, not of words. Matthew 1:18-25 JOSEPH

10. All my life I wanted a child, but was not blessed with one. When I was very old, the Lord blessed me with a son. An angel told me to name him John. I was the very first person to profess faith in Jesus as Lord. Luke 1:42-43 ELIZABETH

11. I was a priest. But I didn’t believe the angel when he told me my wife was going to have a baby. Because of this, for the entire time she was pregnant, I could not speak. When my son was born, even though everyone wanted to name him after me, I wrote down, “His name is John!” just as the angel had told me to do. After that, I could speak again. Luke 1:19-20 ZECHARIAH

12. I am Jesus’ cousin. I was born just before he was. I spent a lot of time in the wilderness. I wasn’t much to look at (I wore clothes made from camel’s hair and ate grasshoppers and wild honey) but I was picked by God to prepare the people for Jesus’ ministry. My job was to tell others that Jesus was coming. Because of this I was put to death in a terrible way. Matthew 3:4 JOHN

13. It wasn’t my fault that I had no room at my hotel. The city of Bethlehem was loaded with people all coming in for the census. Luke 2:7 INNKEEPER

14. I have many names: Wonderful, Counselor, Son of God, Lord, Savior... My given name means “The Lord Saves.” Luke 1:31, Isaiah 9:6 JESUS

15. We danced and sang in the sky! We announced the birth of the Lord Jesus to the Shepherds. We sang, “Glory to God in the highest!” Luke2:13-14 ANGELS

**EXTRA CREDIT: Check all the characteristics of a real biblical angel:

YES spiritual, YES smarter & stronger than humans, YES superior to humans, NOT USUALLY wings, YES asexual, NO all knowing,

16. Angels appeared to us dancing and singing. We were terrified but did as they told us and as a result we were the first to see the baby Lord Jesus. We told many people what we saw that magical night. We were the first visitors that came and saw the baby Jesus. In biblical history, Abel, Rachel (one of Jacob’s wives) and Moses were one of us. Luke 2:15-16 SHEPHERDS

17. I appeared in the sky the night of the Lord Jesus’ birth. I shone brightly in the sky for almost three years. Matthew 2 2:2 STAR

18. I said I wanted to worship Jesus but, thankfully, no one believed me. I was a loyal friend and ally of Rome, not really a king but only ruler of the Roman province of Judea. I was also a murderer who not only killed all male Jewish infants who may have had a claim to the throne at the time of Jesus’ birth but also one of my wives and two of my own sons. Matthew 2:3-7 KING HEROD

19. We knew, from studying the scriptures, that when the Savior was born a special star would appear in the sky. For many years we watched the sky for this sign. When we saw it, we traveled many thousands of miles to worship this King. It took us probably close to three years of traveling to get to see Jesus, but we finally made it. Matthew 2:9 WISE MEN



About how old was Jesus when we arrived to worship him? 2 1/2 TO 3 YEARS OLD

20. This gift was a gift given only to kings. Matthew 2:11 GOLD

21. This gift was a gift given only for the purpose of burial. Matthew 2:11 MYRRH

22. This gift was a gift given only to a recognized deity. Matthew 2:11 FRANKINCENSE

23. I was a righteous man. I was promised that before I died, I would see the Savior that had been promised. When I saw the baby Jesus, eight days after he was born, I said, “Now I can die in peace.” Luke 2:29-32 SIMEON

24. I have lived in the temple day and night, worshipping God and praying for over sixty years. I became known as a prophet, someone who tells others what God wants and says. When I saw baby Jesus, eight days after he was born, I praised God. I was the first person to tell everyone that the promised King all the Jews had been waiting for had been born. Luke 2:36-38 ANNA

25. I carefully researched all the stories that surrounded Jesus’ birth; I interviewed people that were there, visited locations, and investigated all the accounts. I wrote a careful summary to reassure all people of the truth of the Lord’s birth. Luke 1:1 LUKE


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