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Payment Page for Webinar Host Options

You should be here because you just filled out and submitted the Host Options Form.

This page is for Submitting Payment so we can Activate your Host Status.

We use Paypal for all payments here at Christian Women Affiliate. 

You should create a Paypal account first before proceeding if you do not have one. You do not have to have one, but it will be better for you if you did. You can leave this page open and just right click on this link to go open an account: Paypal. Afterwards, come back and hit the Submit Payment Button for the Host Option you want.

Note that these are Recurring Monthly Payments. They will auto deduct monthly. You can cancel at anytime by logging into your Paypal account and choosing 'Cancel' on your next payment. I will get an email notification from Paypal letting me know, and your Hosting Status will change at that time.

You can read more about the options on the Host Options page.

Note: If you are a new hosts and have not paid the One Time Payment Fee for Brand New Hosts, please pay now. I must receive this before I will  begin setting up your Adobe Account.

After finishing your One Time Set Up Fee at Paypal, it will give you the option to return here, make sure to do so to continue to Activate your Host Option. 


One Time Set Up Fee for Brand New Hosts

Full Name & Contact Email


Premium Host Activation

Full Name for Activation


Ultimate Host Activation

Full Name for Activation

Please proceed to the Webinar Group for free training. You can also watch the pre-recorded webinar titled Webinar 101 HERE. It's free!

For maximum training on how to utilize and brand your webinar room, I recommend the Work Your Room Training. Learn more about this service HERE. There is a fee for this training because it covers SO much. Along with video tutorial and written instructions, paying WYR users are added to a private group with additional discussions and activity. 

Bringing Resources to The Christian Woman Online

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