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This Banner Spot is part of Our Partner of the Month ~ Reaching YOUR Audience through Ours! 


Reach Your Audience through Our CWA Webinar Service.

Our Adobe Connect Pro Webinars have always been extraordinary, but with the Adobe 9.1 features they are getting even better. 

CWA allows you to customize your Webinar completely.  Make it your room by effectively designing it to fit your schedule, branding, content and audience.
We have options to fit all your needs.
What can you expect from the CWA Webinar Service? 
  • Set Up: We set up an Adobe Connect Pro Webinar Room just for you.
  • Customization: You choose the room name that will be used in the URL as well as at the top of your Webinar Room.
  • Branding: You can personalize your room,  your way. Design your own layouts, match the background of your room to your brand, topic etc. If you want a change, simply upload a new image. 
  • Consistency: Your room stays the way you put it. Set it up once, and it's ready every time you enter.
  • Functionality: With the CWA Webinar Service you can:
           1. Start Your Webinar
           2. End Your Webinar
           3. Record Your Webinar
           4. Enjoy Live Video Feeds
           5. Screen Share
           6. Play Audio
           7. File Share
           8. White Board
           9. Interactive Chat
         10. Private & Public Chat
         11. Question and Answers Pod
         12. Twitter Widget in the Room
         13. Presenters Area
         14. Discussion and Note Pads
         15. Break Out Rooms 
         16. Take Live Polls
         17. Post Links For Your Attendees 
         18. Wide Screen Mode for Web Cam  
         19. Engagement Dashboard
         20. Passcode Protection
  • Attendance: Have up to 95 Atendees in Your Webinar Room!
  • Purpose: Use your room for whatever purpose you have.
    Please note: Stipulations at bottom about usage*.
  • Flexibility: You or your attendees can access your room through APPS! Adobe has amazing Apps for Mobile and iPad. *mobile= iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry. See individual App Stores. They are all free. Note: You should NEVER Host through the App. That would not be Optimizing Your Room.
  • Independence: You will have access to the Admin Area to your Webinar Room. In this area you can access ALL of your Recorded Webinars yourself. You can edit them, name them, grab the url to your recording yourself and make it either public or private. You never need to deal with CWA to get anything you need. You can view all kinds of reports for your room and more.
  • Interactivity: Recordings are still totally interactive! If you shared a file, link, etc then your viewers will be able to click and open it as well.

Are you ready to get started? Great! Please go HERE to learn about Hosting Options.

Bringing Resources to The Christian Woman Online

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