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Unbound Reviews

Your book is about to hit the market. It’s in the final phases and awaits your approval to go to print. You’re on the brink of something wonderful and about to become unglued.

Your mind is a sea of “what ifs”. What if you miss something; a typo, a flaw with your sentence structure that slipped through the cracks . . . or worse?

You need a custom team of Unbound Reviewers to see your story, appreciate your effort, expose any glitches and create hype that will generate immediate interest in your title when it goes live in bookstores and online retail sites.

How are unbound reviewers different than editors?

Unbound reviewers are not editors!

Your unbound reviewer will never cover your pages in red ink, dissect your plot or cost you a fortune.

What they will do is:

  • Give you a raw, unbiased opinion of the areas in which you could improve.

  • Provide a form noting specific areas that need work.  

  • Write a deeply honest review of your content

. . . And be your greatest viral cheerleaders once your book goes to print!

Think of them as a hybrid reviewers. They’re the cream of the crop; skilled at grammar, finicky about spelling and a little nit-picky. Let’s be honest, this is exactly what you need.

Once you sign up you will be paired with three reviewers who will be hand-picked because of their interest in your theme or genre.

These are three women likely to buy your book come print time.

Why three?

Three is the right number to break any ties. Plus, it’s just a good number. Remember, you don’t want your book all over yet. After all it isn’t even in print.

Speaking of that, you can rest assured that your manuscript is safe. Our Unbound Reviewers are proven and trusted. We always provide a legal clause when manuscripts are sent out just to insure your protection and they sign a written contract prior to approval. Ask and I’ll send a copy of this contract to you.

These are not the ladies you want to read your story on the other side of publication unless all your ducks are in a row. If you wait, they may be the ones to expose your flaws should your story miss the mark.

Let them catch the mistakes now and help you take your story from good to great.

Get three valuable sets of eyes for one very low price (less than it costs to pay one editor and WAY less than a reprint should you miss a whopper mistake)

Don’t wait. Learn more and sign up HERE.

Hear from a customer:

"Heather Randall and her “Unbound Review Crew” of Christian Women Affiliate made a qualitative difference in the pre-publication copy of Wheels of Wisdom. The Unbound Review Crew aren’t editors, though you will receive plenty of editorial feedback, nor are they reviewers, but you can expect plenty of comments that will help you understand your book’s potential in the marketplace. Their team approach, their experience as writers and voracious readers, and their critical perspective bring a forum that will help you know how your readers will react to your content—both what you are saying and how you say it. This is an invaluable service worthy of a seat at the table to your book project. I’m so glad it was availed to us."     Tim Bishop, Coauthor of Wheels of Wisdom


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