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Reviewer Information for Unbound Reviews

When you read a review book do you see beyond the story?

Do you obsess over formatting, grammar, spelling, and consistency issues?

Here's the most important question: Do you sincerely wish you could help make Christian authors better?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you belong on Unbound Reviews.

Unbound Reviews is different from the CWA Review Crew, and most review programs, because it will allow you to voice your opinion before a book goes to print.

Here's how it works:

Prospective members must apply first. The application form contains an editing quiz. Each member is also required to sign and return a written privacy contract.

After approval, you are ready to start.

When author submissions come in I will choose three reviewers who will work, together with the author and me for one month.  During this time the Unbound reviewer will read the manuscript in pdf format, fill out a form noting specific areas for improvement, and participate in a discussion group with the author and their team.

The job of an Unbound reviewer is not to replace editors, but to support them with one final set of eyes and the valuable perspective of three every day readers.

After the book goes to print, the author will supply you with two signed copies. One copy is for you and one is for you to use in a blog giveaway.

Members of Unbound Reviews are expected to use social media to buzz a book when it releases.

Think of yourself as viral cheerleaders. 

You will gain incredible experience proofreading and editing, form a personal relationship with talented authors you helped become better, and get a front row seat for the release of a book you helped improve.

All reviewers desire influence. Unbound gives you influence, allowing you the chance to sway author and buyer alike.

I realize that this crew is intense and requires a deeper level of commitment and feedback. I know it has value and that value rests in your commitment. In the future, Unbound Crew members will receive a $25 compensation from CWA each time they participate in an Unbound review. This will go into effect for any clients received after 11/1/15. 

*This does not make it a "paid review". Honest feedback is always paramount. You will be paid solely for your critical analysis of the work and the time investment of being on a crew like this. 

Apply today!


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