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Private Crew Quick Links

Hello! You clicked on a link in the Menu Bar that is for Approved CWA Review Crew members. 

Under that Tab are lots of Quick Links for The Crew.  

(See Pic Below of The Menu/Navigation Bar)

To actually view any of the content from those links, you will need to be logged into the CWA Community. 

That's where you are right now. 

The Second step you must take to be able to view the contents of these specific Quick Links is to request access to The CWA Review Crew Private Group here inside the Community. Approved members of the CWA Review Crew are accepted into the private group pretty quick. 

The Menu Bar goes across the entire community. See...

It's that simple. Once you are in that Private Group, and as long as you are logged in here, you will be able to click on The Private Crew Quick Links and get right to where you want to go as part of The CWA Review Crew! 

Note: There is another Tab next to this one called "CWA Review Crew". You can use those links as well. They all lead over to the Public Main Site for The CWA Review Crew as a whole. They are there for Visitors of The Community as well.

I am trying so hard to make it as easy as possible for Crew Members. If you still can't find your way around, contact me (

Bringing Resources to The Christian Woman Online

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