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Meet Heather Randall

Welcome! I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

My name is Heather Randall and I am the new CEO of Christian Women Affiliate.

I want to tell you a bit about myself and how God paved this path for me and brought me to this point of serving you.

I am married to Stan Randall. We met and fell in love at Clown school, (seriously).   He inspires me, encourages me and keeps me laughing all the time. For ten years he served as a children’s pastor.  I can honestly say I never meshed as a pastor’s wife.  I struggled so much. In time God moved us out of that life and I truly breathed a sigh of relief.  I knew Ministry was in our hearts and always would be. We actually serve him better without a title and our family is much healthier.

During all this our children came along, four amazing kids now age 5-11.  I homeschool my children, which is a calling and a privilege.

We laugh at the old days, when we used to say we would never have a computer in the house. Then we got one.

I began blogging about my mommy adventures and connecting with like-minded women online. During this time I was also preparing the final bits of a novel that I had been writing on pen and paper.  A friend typed it all up properly for me and, at last, When Chicks Hatch was published. All this and four kids still didn’t keep me busy enough though.  I began reviewing books and products and eventually went to work for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

When God moved me on from there I had learned a ton about copywriting, marketing, editing and developed a confidence online.

That brings us to February 2011 . . .

The Story of Heather and Noelle

I first connecting with Noelle through Take Root and Write and then following her to this exciting community, Christian Women Affiliate.

When I first discovered TRW I was looking for a safe place to confide my struggles as a floundering Pastor’s wife. I needed a “real” place to take off the mask and let the genuine work that God was doing be revealed. I could have done it in a journal, but I needed feedback from real women who believed as I did, could see past my quirks and hear my heart while still loving me enough to challenge me to do better. I needed community that I couldn’t get in my church body where perceptions and congregational needs clouded up my judgment. I matured spiritually by connecting with many of you. Having that safety net available, whether I turned to it or not, was a huge comfort to me.

Connecting with so many Christian Women who were full of ambition and un-tethered by doubt was exciting to me. Just watching the growth of Christian Women Affiliate was fueling my confidence and inspiring me.

On February 19th, 2012 God was dealing with my heart so much that he would not let go of me until I stretched out of my comfort zone, took a gigantic leap of faith and obeyed his voice. I had been watching Christian Women Affiliate from the sidelines. I watched as Noelle Mena attempted to sell it multiple times. Each time God would whisper in my ear, only to have me tell him a million reasons why I couldn’t listen.  On this night I could not ignore that voice any more. I couldn’t afford to buy CWA at that time but God didn’t care. He wanted me to trust him.

I contacted Noelle that night. I was shy and felt a bit crazy hitting send on the email. I was shocked when she responded. I don’t know what I expected really, certainly not all of this. I was just obeying despite my hesitation.

Well, Noelle and I visited on Skype and I shared with her God’s prompting to be her help.  I had no clue what I had to offer but I knew God wanted me here.

We built the CWA Review Crew together and I have managed it. We dreamed together and I began to catch a vision for Christian Women Affiliate and understand the work God was accomplishing through it.

Eventually Noelle began to consider selling again. By then I was hooked. I caught her fire and knew God wasn’t done yet.

Now not even a year has passed since that little email went out into cyber space. In that time I have made a wonderful friend, I have been mentored thoroughly and I have purchased CWA. God did it all! It was only an act of obedience.

I’m telling you, He can truly take something as small as a mustard seed and make it huge!

That brings me to today . . .

By now you’ve heard that some new girl has purchased CWA. Maybe you wonder about its future or have already begun to miss the exceptional leadership of Noelle Mena.

Let me assure you that I have caught this vision. This is, and will continue to be, your community. I invite you to continue to participate, explore all of the divisions and use the resources within them.

CWA Community NetworkCWA Radio Network DivisionCWA Webinar DivisionCWA Review Crew DivisionCWA Facebook Fan PageCWA Linkedin GroupCWA on Linkedin as a CompanyCWA Private FaceBook Group, CWA Twitter Account | CWAtweets, and CWA ‘Christian Women’s Daily’.  

I look forward to serving you.


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