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Getting Started at Christian Women Affiliate

Welcome! We are so glad you are here!

The following information was designed to help you get the very most out of your membership experience here at CWA. Each Link will teach you about an area of CWA, explaining it through FAQs, screen shots, detailed written information, or a video tutorial. Please do not skip this. Take your time to go through everything and begin to feel at home here. 

Don't Forget to Grab Some Christian Women Affiliate Badges to put on your site, blog, newsletter, etc!

We have different ones for you to choose from. Click over to see the choices. Any can be sized to fit wherever you want to put it. We thank you so much for sharing the love. 

This is the breakdown of all the services we offer through Christian Women Affiliate. Looking for the information on Hosting Webinars, Radio Shows, The CWA Review Crew and more. Head over to the CWA Services Page.

Every member of Christian Women Affiliate has a Profile Page. Here at CWA it is called your, Portfolio Profile.' We want you to include all about what you do online and off. It's the first thing to you want to do when joining. Get that Portfolio Profile all filled out correctly, add a great picture of yourself. 

Learn more about How to do all that Here.

It's important to go through your settings here at CWA. We want you receiving notifications for only the areas you want. Learn where your Inbox, Friends, Settings, Search, are HERE.

CWA provides every member with the ability to post Blog Posts. We call them, Portfolio Entries. I know, serious, right? Some use them to show off some of their work, others post as personal blogs. You have complete control over who can read your blog. You can even keep it totally personal as a private journal. Even I couldn't get to it.

 Add a Portfolio Entry if you want to right away.  

We have a Photo Gallery here at CWA. You can add photos of you, your brand, your book, or just for fun!
Learn more about 'Pictures' for The Photo Gallery

Our Forum is actually called the Freedom Forum. This has not been a very active part of CWA. We want to see it grow. Please feel free to post. Find the Freedom Forum in the Main Menu Bar.

Our Video HQ! Is where you can Upload Videos of yours that teach, inform, Show Your Gifts! 

Our CWA thru Events area inside the network is open for all to submit to. 

Groups here at CWA! Join one, Create One. I know Groups are very popular on Facebook. I am a member of several and also have opened my own as well. I love it, BUT, I will say that Facebook Groups can get very disorganized. Your information as the Leader can be lost quickly with the set up that Facebook has for Groups. When you create a Group here inside CWA, you have complete control over everything. The benefits of setting one up is huge. Branding it, being able to organize with your personal forum, bringing in an RSS feed, Having a Text box to out in every detail using and html/code/widgets/video,...endless, editable information. Having the ability to create a limitless amount of 'Pages' to your group. Pages that are Full size like this one. Controlling Meta info for each. Uploading Files, even adding chat. 

We have a Group here to help you get started in Creating Your Own group for your own reasons;

How to Create A Group 

Get yourself Set up to participate in CWA Radio. Listen to archived episodes here
Want to apply to Host a Show: Read About that here!

Ladies! Let's Show the Love! So many ways to share, like, love content inside the Community.

Head over: How To Share The Love

Want to Advertise on Christian Women Affiliate? Click to find out how.

Please Remember Our Policies here at CWA.

Membership Questions? Please contact Us Via the Member Contact Form
(again, this link is in the Menu Bar across every page)

Bringing Resources to The Christian Woman Online

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