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The big question: Do you really value readers?

Seriously think about that question.

Do you believe most readers will only pay attention to your story or subject and miss any editing errors?

Kerri Sweeris, a voracious reader and active member of CWA Review Crew, recently wrote:

"A published book should be virtually error free from misspellings, misplaced punctuation, and poor grammar. It is impossible for me to overlook, and it becomes such a distraction that I can barely focus on the story."

Kerri isn’t some big wig editor or guru in the publishing industry. She’s an everyday reader. A real woman who expects a lot from the books she reads.

In our society everything is pulling us in a multitude of directions all at once. Several things compete for our attention. Our time is on high demand. Thats why, when we give our time to something, we expect a good return for it.

The point of Unbound Reviews is not to replace editors, but to encourage authors like you to consider readers as intelligent people capable of spotting errors.

Yes we are just readers, but sloppy books with formatting errors, misspellings and rushed plots bother us too.

Here’s what you need to be approved for this service:

  1. You must agree to provide me with one digital copy of your manuscript prior to approval. This allows me to review your content, verify that it is in line with our beliefs and make certain that it’s a good fit for the CWA Review Crew. You can email a digital copy to me (

  1. To qualify, you must have undergone previous professional editing. If you need referrals to quality editors we can give them. I will ask the name of your editor in the application form. Our goal is not to work against these professionals, but for you.

  1. You must be in the last step in the publishing process. If you are just beginning your journey this is not for you. We are seeking books just before you approve their print. Think of us as the final step.

  1. You agree to provide a signed copy, plus a signed giveaway copy to each member of your crew. You must agree to be responsible for shipping of these copies. We will provide shipping addresses.

  1. You agree that your product is intended for the Christian/ Family friendly market and will not be deemed purposefully offensive to those beliefs.

  1. Completion of the Author/Representative Application.

  1. You agree to communicate with your crew and with me in regards to your book. This is a team effort.

  1. Payment - Upon acceptance, the full payment is required via paypal prior to launching your crew.Each crew costs $100 and will give you access to 3 reviewers and all their feedback for one month.

Things to know:

1. We are committed to protecting your content. Every member of Unbound Reviews has signed a privacy contract.

2. Every member of Unbound has proven their review abilities as members of the CWA Review Crew. They have also proven their editing skills by participating in, and passing, an online editing tes

3. Upon publication, your reviewers agree to post a public review on their blogs or websites and on Amazon. They also agree to host a giveaway copy (which you supply) and promise to do their very best to buzz your book via social media and word of mouth.  

If you have a question I’ve not answered here, please shoot me a line at

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Are you a reviewer interested in joining Unbound Reviews?

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