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Welcome, my name is Heather Randall and I am the CEO  of
Christian Women Affiliate LLC.

I am eager to serve you through the wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities available
through Christian Women Affiliate.

We are growing in every way and we would love to do business with you.

Your advertisement does not need to be Christian oriented, but must be family appropriate.
PLEASE see the new CWA Partner Program. 
You become our Focused Partner & Brand of the Month. Please read there first. 
I do still work with some of the opportunities below. Please do not hesitate to connect.

Let us help you REACH YOUR AUDIENCE while we reach ours.
Together, we can make a difference. 

This is a long page due to the many options we now have.
Keep reading to find the Fit for You. 

Outside of our Community here, we have opportunities for advertisement through The CWA Radio Network and The CWA Review Crew.
They are both amazing place to reach your audience. 

Prices are included with each opportunity, but all inquiries need to be approved before payment or acceptance.

Please Use the Contact Form for Advertising to submit info for us to approve.
You need to read through below so you know what we are asking in the contact form.

You will be notified with a response within 72 hours (unless it's a weekend).
Upon approval, you will be contacted and an Invoice will be sent via PayPal.
Payment must be received within 72 hours or your slot could be given to someone else.
We will work with you in a very timely manner, as we will have people signed up to advertise 'after' you.
If you are late on your end, getting us information we need, we cannot refund for any cut of days from your commitment.

See opportunities for advertising with The CWA Radio Network HERE.

If you need help with a graphic we can assist you. There is a $35 charge for making it from graphics we can pull from your site. I do this all the time for people. 

Purchase a SideBar Slot here Christian Women Affiliate:

Shows on every page of the network. Even though our network is a private membership site our pages are all open to the Public.

125 x 125   $20 a Month

125 x 250   $30 a Month

Need help with your graphic? $25 one time fee, and you can have the files, and we will host the graphic so you can use it whereever you like now, and in the future.
The Banner going across the top of this page under the Navigation is an ad banner spot that shows throughout every single page of Christian Women Affiliate. You can see how prime that spot is. 
The size is: 900x100 pixels. 
No Flashing Graphics of any kind will be approved. Your graphic ad needs to be clean and look nice, as it shows on every single page. 
Monthly: $100
3 Months at a time: $250
Note: This space is not available when there is NOT already a scheduled Partner of The Month. Please see Partnership options here

Our Brand New Division, The CWA Review Crew has over 150 Approved Crew Members to review your book, Ebook, product, app or resource. We have a wait list of Products to Review and new women applying for The Crew everyday. I have not even put advertising into place for it yet. It's HOT. Be creative, hit me with an idea... I might go for it.

Want to think really big?
Become an Official Sponsor of Christian Women Affiliate as a whole. 
CWA has a voice and a presence all over the web. 

REACH YOUR AUDIENCE while we reach ours. Together, we can make a difference. 

Please contact me direct if this an area you would like to discuss with me. Serious inquiries only.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally with any ideas on sponsorships, reviews, etc. 
I look forward to serving you.

Bringing Resources to The Christian Woman Online

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