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Host Your Own Radio Show through The CWA Radio Network

The CWA Radio Network, brought to you by Christian Women Affiliate.

Apply to Host Your Show through Our Network.
Reach Your Audience. 
We are the ideal platform for you to launch or expand your reach. 

The benefits of hosting with us:
  • Immediately connect with an amazing team of women.
  • Fantastic support and customer service.
  • Quality training.
  • Keep your branding on your own show page.
  • Retain full control of your show content.
  • We work with your schedule. Choose your show day & time.
  • We have a Private Hosts Group inside Facebook and a password protected training site. 
As a Professional station we have many, many perks!
  • We can broadcast any time from anywhere. 
  • Your show can be up to an Hour Long (15, 30, 45, 60 minutes long)
    • You can even request a 3 hour time slot! 
    • Or even an entire weekend. (Please contact me about this)
  • There are no visual ads on our station. This means that your listener's eyes are protected from ads which do not match our values.
  • You get to set up each of your show descriptions; adding each link/URL you want, tags, etc
  • You add your OWN Branding to your own episode page.
  • You can embed your individual episodes anywhere you like. You can download your individual episodes and upload as a podcast somewhere else even. 
  • Shows are shared on  our Christian Women Affiliate Facebook Fan Page
  • Shows are Tweeted out by CWAtweets
  • Current Line Up is on our Facebook Page
  • The new CWA site is just another place your show is organized with the archives.

What's Next if you want to submit to host?

To host on our network it is $25.00 a month
This is to cover the cost of the Professional station, as well as the time that we put into promoting your show.
There is now a one time $25 set up fee.  
(Set up/ Training)
Not only do you get all the benefits from being part of our network, but also the benefit of uniting with the other hosts.

Although we would love to just say yes to any that apply to be CWA Radio Hosts, I will stay true to the integrity of what I want CWA to be known for. Therefore, please do not assume that having the funds is our only criteria to add you as a host.

If God is leading you to host; do not hesitate to apply.
Step out of your comfort zone if you feel Him nudging you! ❤
Bring your potential, passion, and heart and we'll help you build a professional show.

What do you have to offer?

Email Me at with BTR HOST SUBMISSION in the Subject.

Please include...
  • Full Name
  • Blog/Site URL, Twitter, Bio, any Social Media Links
  • Name/ Topic of your Potential Show
  • The Description Of your show including Length. 
  • The Sub-Topics for your first 10 shows
  • Contact Email of course
  • Date of Availability to Start Hosting

Questions you might have...

I'm worried my topic is not a fit for the Network.
  • We as Christian Women Cover just about any topic. Please do not put yourself or us in a box. 
How often is my show?
  • All shows are once a week, and run for up to one hour. (Unless you consult with me for longer length)
  • You can see our current scheduled shows to have an idea of time and days available.
    • 6 shows a day/ 7 days a week is what you pick from, so if there is a show already on the day you want, you need to pick a time that is at least 30 minutes away from the other.
  • We do expect consistency in your shows.
    • We reserve the right to replace your show if it becomes an issue.
    • You can upload a pre- recorded show for your show if you want to. So if you miss, you can go in and upload a file to replace the empty space.
Is there an initial Commitment?
    • Yes. Since we are taking the time to training you, we ask for a 3 month commitment.
    • This is also again, for consistency. We do not want shows coming & going.
If I need to step out/down from hosting through the CWA Radio Network what do I do?
    • We ask for 30 days notice before renewal.
    • This is a 'trust' issue. We are trusting you will keep your end and give us 30 days notice before stopping your next renewal payment and your show.
Do I own the rights to my show on CWA Radio?
    • Your Branding
    • Your Personal Audio Roll In
    • You can download and use your show in any way you want
    • Embed Your show where you want
    • Your hour is your hour. 
Can I have a Co-Host on my show?
    • Absolutely! If this is a regular thing, then we would want to know about her when you submit your show.
    • What about a Man co-host??
      • Yes, Love it. We as Christian Women need to hear from Christian Men too!
Can I have guests on my show?
    • Yes! We will train you on how to facilitate that. 
What about having a man on my show?
    • These shows are focused on The Christian Woman, but men have insight! Yes, this is fine. If it fits for your show, then it works!
Can I offer Give Aways, promotions, sell my products during my show?
    • Offer Give Aways; Yes!
    • Promote yourself through your show description (you will learn how)
    • Sell Product?
      • You will learn how to 'work' that in. The CWA Radio Network is a network to inspire, encourage and inform women. That comes first. But you SHOULD share product links, site links, during your show and especially at the end in the chat room as well as in that shows description.
      • You may run 'audio ads' during your show
      • You may sell ads during your show 
        • This is all discussed inside the Private Group
        • All Ads of ANY kind must fall in line with our Values

      If someone wants to sponsor you, you can still do that.  Saying at the end something like, Thanks to '_________' for sponsoring my show today thru the CWA Radio Network. Visit them here __________ (that would be your sponsors site)
We look forward to hearing from you and possibly being a part of your journey in
hosting a radio show!
Think of any other questions?? Please email me and ask!

Email Me at with BTR HOST SUBMISSION in the Subject and the info above that I asked for. 

Want to add Webinars to your Ministry or Business? 
Apply to be part of The CWA Review Crew
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