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This Banner Spot is part of Our Partner of the Month ~ Reaching YOUR Audience through Ours! 

Partner Package

Hopefully you came here because you want maximum exposure for your brand.  

The CWA Partner of the Month Program allows you to reach your audience all month long!

Become our focused brand for an entire month!

See your brand and only your brand posted all over CWA through graphics, links, text

and social media.  

Reach thousands of Christian women as your brand is shared across each division of CWA.

We are currently reserving for March 2017- December 2017


Your message will go out . . .

  • In our community
  • On our CWA Radio Website
  • In our LinkedIn group
  • On our main Facebook page
  • On the CWA Review Crew Page
  • Twitter
  • In a focused email blast

Here are greater details on each area:

Our Community has a membership of over 1000 Christian Women.

Here in the CWA Community, your graphic (sized 910 x 130) will be straight across the top.  It's right under the Menu Bar and is shown on Every Page of this Community.  It will link over to where ever you want.

Over at Your Branded Graphics will be located on the bottom of the main page. 

It will link over to where ever you want.

Linkedin: Our Private Group there has over 700 Christian Women.

You will get the Featured Discussion for the Month. We will also send a blast one time that month to all members that you are the Partner for the Month. It can include a brief message about what you do and include important links. There are no Graphics in this. 

Our Christian Women Affiliate Facebook Page has over 2000 Fans.

We will 'Promote' a post for you to receive the best reach. A full rectangle graphic that we will feature the width of the page (size:  843 x 400). Again, we will promote it through Facebook with a Budget of $10. These Promoted Posts/Stories run for around 4 days via Facebook. I have been very successful with this. I will make sure your important FB links and others are included in the Description. You can let me know what part of the month you want this to run. We highly encourage you to be 'active' on this post.

Engage your audience. Talk to Your Audience through Ours. 

The CWA Review Crew has a HOT Facebook Page.

We will do the same as above.  This page reaches women and is not connected to the main CWA FB page too.


Our CWAtweets Account has over 1300 Followers. We will Tweet Out with your 140 including you are Our Partner this month. We will do this at least 3 times a week. If you have an RSS feed to a blog I will include it to Automatically be included in our Christian Women's Daily Newspaper for the month. NEW NOTE: I have upped our Newspaper to be Pro and now also include the top right corner ad space to our Partner that month. It shows up on every page of our paper. 


Email Blast to our list of over 2000 Christian Women.

You will prepare a short, catchy email that I will Share with all of our list. Shouting out and Celebrating Our Partner for the month. Of course including all links, and your Graphic. Make it good, simple, engaging. This will go out the first week of the Month so it becomes known that YOU are Our Partner for that month. 

You will also have a 125x125 ad in the official CWA Newsletters that coordinate to your month's partnership.

 Building A Custom Crew from The CWA Review Crew

This is the one part that is NOT included as a Partner. But it is something that has been extremely successful when combined with your Partner Month. This is done on a case by case scenario. I look at what you do and see how we could best serve you through the Crew. Most Custom Crews are built using 20 Women. Please include that you'd like more info on this when applying. 

You can have all of the above and forever be featured on our Past Partner Page for only $300!

What is Reaching Your Audience worth?

Who can put a price on it? Broken down, the benefits above would be at least triple that. 

Plus, you are actually sowing into an amazing ministry.

Get Locked In. 

(Read what Past Partners have said here)

Don't Wait! Get Locked In for 2017! 

Upon submitting to Partner & being accepted...

I will need the following:

Graphics Wrap Up:  

One 910px wide by 130 px tall 

One 300px wide x 250 px tall

One 843pxwide x 400 px tall

One 125px wide x 125 px tall

*Use High Quality Graphics. Do not try to just adjust size to work. This is YOUR Brand in front of 1000's of Christian Women. Represent. If you have current graphics that I can work with, especially any psd, pse files of images I can adjust your Graphics. Contact me for price as that is priced per situation. 

Important Links:

Main Site, Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin, any relevant. 

Text Needed:

For any mentioned above. 

By Clicking above, you will reach the Form to Submit to become a Partner.  

Payment is Due with in 48 hours of Acceptance. 

Questions Before Submitting? 


Can Only Women be Partners?

We welcome any company, ministry, individual that presents us with a brand that appeals to Christian Women.

My Brand does not ever mention being 'christian', can I still be a Partner?

As Christian Women, brands with Christian in the marketing are not all that appeal to us. We are diverse. Example: Our kitchen appliances do not have a Christian label. Nor does our make up or a toy we buy our children. We are practical, but like to pamper ourselves too. So, Yes, absolutely.

Can I only be a Partner for One Month?

You can Reserve as many months as you want at a time. It is always first reserved, first options. You can save your Graphics and come back as well. Or Update your graphics for a Special Occasion to resubmit and run as Partner again. #clever

How is Payment made?

Payment is made via Paypal. You need to send full payment from your Paypal to CWA's as Money Sent. If there are any fees associated then you are responsible. It is simple. Login to Your Paypal, hit 'Send Money', then choose Paypal will tell you if there are fees. Payment is Due with in 48 hours of confirmation of Reserving your Month. 

You may also pay with a check made out to Christian Women Affiliate LLC 
(I will send you the address)

When are the Graphics Due?

Your Month runs from 1st to the last day of the month. Your Graphics and all mentioned above will be Due at least 5 Business Days before the 1st. No Partner gets to run over into the upcoming Partner. I am not responsible if you have not turned in your graphics and info. Upon Acceptance to Partner, you will receive a shared document between us to get all your info together!

It seems like a lot to remember, how will I get ready?!

Upon acceptance and payment you will get an email reminding you. This way you have it on your fingertips or can forward to a web team, VA or teenage son if he handles your techie stuff. :)


More Questions? Email


Bringing Resources to The Christian Woman Online

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